Grandpa Jake’s Homemade Computer

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Jake Computer

Earlier this year, my friend Alexandra Mueller shared on social media this photo of a man who had made his own computer, complete with a “kee bord” that has real housekeys on it and a printer that’s a piece of paper with an attached pencil. In her town, a little place not too far from Spokane, Wash., “everyone calls him Grandpa Jake,” she says. I thought his creation was adorable and funny, so I asked Al to tell me about him.

A little bit about our friend and neighbor, Jake Colvin:

He is “Grandpa Jake” to just about everyone who knows him. He and his wife, Melinda, are kind and generous people. Jake may be best known for his corny jokes…which I always fall for.

Why did he make this computer? Well, their computer broke this Spring, so he just went ahead and made a new one himself.

He’s an…

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